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European stockists?

Rik Baggins asked in our former Facebook forum:

"Hi guys, I live in Norway and while I am really interested in purchasing one or two 6/4' boards, I'm concerned with the wait time.

Working in international purchasing myself, I know what a pain is to get stuff across the pond.

My question though is this: Do you have any suppliers in the EU. If not, do you have any plans to do so? I can personally recommend quite a few who would be more than happy to take your products and it is my honest opinion that it would sell well. Norways got a really good currancy at the moment, and I know more than a handfull of gamers mad enough to grab these battle mats!

Hope you find time to answer this.
thanks for reading,


We aren't currently able to supply our products to stores. We first need to increase our production. Right now we're having a hard time keeping up with all the orders that are coming in through the website.

But, yes, we do plan to supply to the stores. And the European stores are amongst the first on the list once we do get going with that.