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Re: Are you still in business at all?
— by psyphi psyphi
Yes, we're still here. The reason we haven't been posting on Facebook, etc. is we are extremely busy filling the orders we have coming in. And since we're so overwhelmed trying to keep up with the current orders, we don't really feel the need to be drumming up new business.

We've expanded the business with new molds to keep up with demand, but we haven't quite caught up yet. We are 1 to 2 weeks behind in filling most orders. Except for Scourged Forest mats or resin terrain pieces. They are running behind by about 6 weeks. The smaller mats (2x3 and smaller) have no delays. They ship out within a day or two.

If we ever did decide to close the business, we wouldn't leave the site up. But I do understand your concern. This is the Internet after all.